Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The impatient patient

As some but not all of you know, I’ve been a bit laid up for the past 2½ weeks following an unfortunate fall at home that resulted in a compression fracture in my back. I underwent successful treatment for the fracture, but my recuperation will take time – and that’s the difficult part for me. I was out of action for the first week and have been back to work in a limited capacity since, unfortunately needing to reschedule meetings and forgo attending some events to make my schedule more manageable.

I’m so thankful to many people here on campus, from my office staff for holding things together and moving forward, to those who’ve been so patient as I’ve needed to reschedule my meetings (or have arrived late because of my increased across-campus travel time!), to the many of you who’ve sent cards and words of encouragement. Your support is very much appreciated.

This time of recuperation is challenging for me. I have been an impatient patient! I’d love nothing better than to be back at 100 percent, and I know that will  happen in time. I’m very much looking forward to again being physically able to fully engage in our work together.

This campus community is an important, sustaining source of energy for me as I work to get my activity level back to normal.  Thank you for your continued understanding  as I do my best to follow doctor’s orders. And please know that we still fully intend to celebrate UW-Eau Claire in a big way when we hold inauguration festivities on Friday, Nov. 8 — please plan to attend!